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FHC helps pension funds and multi-employer benefits plans modernize their administration systems.

The services we provide are tailored to our clients needs, including:

  • Needs Assessment

    Determine high level requirements, identify gaps in current business delivery methodologies and develop a targeted roadmap for modernization.

  • Procurement Assistance

    Create detailed requirements, often to be included in a RFP, to ensure that our clients select the software vendor that provides best fit, and advise during contract negotiations.

  • Data Transformation

    Assess client data in its current form, often from disparate sources, and map it to the selected vendor solution.

  • Business Process Improvement

    Modernize business methods and workflows to leverage features available in the new administration system.

  • Systems Implementation

    Provide start-to-completion oversight, to ensure project success.  This may include project management, technical and business analysis, gap assessment, change management and quality assurance.

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